My debut album “As I Am”

I just made an album. I am so excited to share it with you!

—this album features new music for trumpet by women composers—-


Sound interesting? You can read a formal description and buy the album HERE.

Would love to hear what you think!


A little over a year ago, in August 2016, I wanted to pick some rep for a recital and found a couple great pieces by women composers. I remembered hearing from a teacher at a summer festival about his CD prep (thanks Paul!!) and thought to myself…. hey why don’t I make a CD this year! I didn’t know too much about the process of making a CD and wow I have certainly learned a lot this year. (Will write a post on that later so stay tuned!)





So the first thing I did – was I picked the music!  My friend Jinhee Han was already writing a solo for me so I knew that would go on there. I asked my friend Ariel Marx to write a piece. My friend Ledah Finck also wrote a piece for me and flutist Louna Dekker-Vargas which also appears on their album — which you can check out here. My new friend Nicole Piunno and I met through instagram, I met Jessica Rudman after working on her piece and then performing at the Women Composer’s Festival. I was drawn to Alex Gardner‘s piece after reading about the unique instrumentation for trumpet, harp, and electronics and later learned we knew many of the same people in Baltimore through my time at Peabody. Lastly, a former teacher suggested I check out Jennifer Higdon‘s piece for trumpet and piano and I was drawn to it because it is also a piece for voice so the words are beautiful. So for about a year I had those 7 pieces that I was excited about and the title As I Am in the back of my head for the album.


But I felt something was missing.


So In September I decided to write myself a piece for the album for solo flugelhorn, entitled “As I Am.” To me, this piece has a sweet sort of longing, almost pleading, for someone to “take me as I am.” The whole album in a way is this same sort of gesture and reaction – although in a more positive way. Recordings are always snapshots in time and this is a great representation of me as an artist and composer – after finishing school and entering full time into the freelance life.

I’ve already started planning my next album but for now, it feels so great to say hello world! this is me at 25 years old, done with school, and living the dream in NYC


As I Am.



Leading a Warmup and presenting a Recital at the IWBC

Two weeks ago, I was very fortunate to lead a warmup class and present a recital at the International Women’s Brass Conference in New Jersey. This was my first time at a brass conference specifically focused on women and it was an amazing experience to be surrounded by so many great players.


The warmup class began at 8 am on Thursday June 9th. I chose to make it a combined warmup and mindfulness session, titling it “How to Start your Day on a Positive Leap for Success” We went through many typical warmup class activities, from mouthpiece buzzing, lip bends, Stamp exercises, and lips slurs yet we also touched on many important concepts away from our instruments. These included health and stretching, improvising, the importance of establishing a daily routine, and how to structure daily sessions to address weaknesses and best prepare for a varied day of playing. It was so exciting to have a mix of trumpet and French horn players in the room but most importantly, over 10 people showed up to warm up on their instrument at 8 o’clock in the morning. Inspiring!


On June 10th at 10 am, I presented my recital in the Boyd Recital Hall. Here is my program:

Kate Amrine – Anx
Jessica Rudman – Elegy
Nicole Piunno – Monterey Letters
Jennifer Higdon – Trumpet Songs (movements To Home and Threaded)
Jinhee Han – Yaygara


It was so nice to have another opportunity to perform selections from my upcoming CD, featuring music by women composers. This recital was particularly exciting also because it was the second performance of my own composition Anx. I am starting to compose more and this piece has served as a great opener for me in various recitals. It is exciting to delve further into composition and stay tuned for more on my future projects involving my own pieces!


I had a great time attending other presentations and recitals at the International Women’s Brass Conference but especially enjoyed the evening concerts. I heard the Athena Brass Band, Ashley Hall, Diva Jazz Orchestra, and Seraph Brass. I also really enjoyed the workshop on Alexander Technique and the Entrepreneurship Panel. While most of the workshops seemed more relevant for older musicians, throughout the conference I kept thinking how great this experience would have been for me and for younger students – especially those who may not have as much diverse representation in their own communities. To be able to see such strong extremely talented and successful musicians together in one place – who happen to be women – is especially inspiring and motivating, at any age.


Please check out these lovely videos of the concerts if you weren’t able to attend!

Recital at the Women Composers Festival of Hartford

I am very excited to be presenting a mini recital as part of the Music Marathon for the Women Composers Festival of Hartford!

This festival is the second festival I have performed at that is dedicated to women – from artists to entrepreneurs. It is truly an honor to be here among other composers and performers who are also passionate about performing music by women! I had a conversation with someone on my trip up here on the train and he asked me what the significance of women composers was – both for this festival and my own CD project. It is an interesting question and one that I of course have gotten before (yet usually in more hostile ways). As a non musician and someone who is semi removed from the NYC music scene, this person was genuinely interested and curious as to this connection. When I told him how women composers and performers in some cases were underrepresented in orchestras, music education, and many other situations, he connected with that statement – recognizing only a few women in his experiences working as an engineer. I am excited to be in a position with this festival and my own projects to contribute to raising awareness and changing the culture!


You find out more about the rest of the festival here:

My program features the following pieces:

“Red Sky – I. Awakening” by Peri Mauer
“Monterey Letters” – Nicole Piunno
excerpts from “Trumpet Songs” by Jennifer Higdon
“Elegy” – Jessica Rudman
“Yaygara” – Jin Hee Han

I am so excited to feature some of these pieces on my upcoming CD. You can find out more about that in previous blog posts and here: